Dear Friends, Parents, Siblings, and Family,

We are so so thankful for all your care, support, love and prayers. We know that your job is a hard one that doesn’t come with instructions. Especially for you moms. I want to make your job a bit easier maybe.

Parents, we know that you can’t fix everything. That there will be many times where you are helpless to stop the pain or fix the problem. We are thankful for all that you do to try and find a solution to each thing, but when you get to the point that you can’t , that’s okay. What really comforts us is just that fact that you are trying to understand us and how we are feeling. Please stop stressing over things that you can’t fix, and instead hold us and simply understand. I cannot imagine the pain that you must face by watching us in such pain, but just simply being there is so helpful and comforting.

And friends, your prayers mean so much. We know that you are constantly interceding on our behalf, but don’t hesitate to tell us. Even months and years into the process. It is so very encouraging.

Family, we know all that you do to take care of us, and we are so thankful for it. We know that you are busy, and that your time is limited each day. But if you get the chance, the slightest thing like cooking a meal slightly fancier than usual, instead of pulling out of the fridge just another handful of spinach. We don’t  want to complain and we will rarely point this desire for things like that out to you- you already do so much! But it sure brings a bit of cheer and delight.

Or if we’ve been in bed all day, sometimes we get lonely back there all alone for so many hours. If you have the time, is brings a lot of joy if you come and visit us for a few minutes- tell us about your day and say hi.

All these little things mean so much, and bring a ray of sunshine into a dark situation or frame of mind. We love you and are thankful beyond words for what you do for us. I know that sometimes we are hard to comfort. And we’re so sorry for those times.


Your very own illness fighter


One more thought…

My sister used to bring me flowers from the yard to put in my room. And when my mom made up detox baths, sometimes she would light a candle (before we knew they were bad), or she would put a ‘bath pillow’ in it for me. Those seeming little things broke through frustration and despair more quickly than anything else


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