*Before embarking on this article, be warned: My brain was struggling as I wrote it. 🙂 I’m sure you understand. Just laugh, and I hope it is helpful anyway!*

Okay, so here we go!

How do you know if and which supplements will help or not? Well, that is a hard question to answer, seeing as it is different for each person. Some things that really help one person, may hurt another! There are a few things that should go for most people, but otherwise it will be a bit of trial and error unfortunately. Wisdom from a mold doctor that knows your specific situation would not go amiss. In fact, that is where I started with supplements. Before we knew that mold was even the issue, he started me on a host of supplements. The other thing, is that your body sometimes needs to switch because it has gotten to used to one supplement, or it has calmed down in one area, while getting further irritated in another area. As you see, it’s a complicated business.


For those with gut pain or bloating, enzymes can be a huge help, although they also may not always be necessary, sometimes making it worse. I went through a dozen different kinds and brands of enzymes until settling on the one out of all of those that has helped. One way you can try to narrow down the options without actually having to try each one, is by determining if certain kinds of foods bother you more than others. Do fatty foods bother you more? For example, I noticed that beef bothered me more than fish, and that coconut oil in particular bothered me… thus the fats were apparently an issue. You can eliminate those foods if you want to, but hopefully with a fat-specific enzyme you won’t have to. I ended up keeping beef, but eliminating coconut oil.  This goes for other kinds of foods in addition to fats. Then there are the enzymes that have any combination of those specific ones that target certain foods. My advice would be this: once you’ve determined if there are certain foods that do it (or not), go to your mold doctor or naturopathe and ask for help finding the right one. If yo don’t have one, go to your local health food store and ask for help from one of the employees there in the supplement rows, explaining your problem. As you try enzymes, though, remember that if it is just making it worse, stop taking it. Your body probably has enough of that enzyme and too much is now causing a problem. This is a good problem: it means that your body is producing what it is supposed to!

Detoxing Supplements

There are three main detoxing supplements you can take orally:

  1. Chlorella
  2. Activated Charcoal
  3. Bendtonite Clay

Before I go into this, I want to assure you that I am no scientist, no expert, and I may be explaining this all wrong. However, I do think it’s right. If I slip up, though, feel free to comment nicely! Alright, so what chorella does, is it binds to whatever is there. The idea is that it will bind to the toxins, and help move them out when your liver struggles to do the job. One point though, is that if there is food in there, it binds to that instead, and doesn’t do it’s job. Therefore, remember to take it at least three hours after eating, and thirty minutes before eating. The same goes from charcoal. But we’ll get there in a second. There are many options in choosing chlorella, so here a re a few pointers. The one that I have ended up sticking with is this one:

Chlorella- detoxing supplements for mold
Chlorella Sunlit Supplements 100% Chlorella Pyrenoidosa

The reason that we specifically use this one, is because it is 100% chlorella… some have other fillers that just might mess with it. I take 16-20 of the tiny individual tablets, or the equivalent of ???. You want to try to take as many doses a day as you can, especially if you are in or have been exposed to a bad environment in the past few days. The battle will be fitting it in around food, keeping the three hour and thirty minute guidelines. In the mornings, the first thing I do is take a detox supplement, and then either begin to wait out my thirty minutes by getting ready for the day… or just rolling back into bed. Spirulina is very similar to Chlorella as well, if you are wondering.

Okay, so now for charcoal. It goes by all the same guidelines as chlorella, and is another great thing to take. Switching up between chorella and charcoal is a good idea… that is, unless you notice one working better than the other; then take whatever is most effective! Some ‘moldy and MCS people’ that I have talked to have mentioned noticing that chlorella is most effective with mold exposure, and charcoal with chemical exposure… I, on the other hand, haven’t experienced that. So, experiment and figure out what works specifically for your body.

And what about bentonite clay? Well, I have heard it helps a lot, however I haven’t tried taking it orally yet. If you do, let me know how it goes. I do, however, take bentonite clay detox baths, which have been extremely helpful… but more on that in a different post!

The Best Reaction Recovering Helper

Okay, if you don’t take anything else, be sure to at least try the herbal supplement, Nettle Quercetin. It is amazing. You take it like you would allergy medicine, during allergy season maybe every day, multiple times a day… in this case, when you are exposed is equivalent to ‘allergy season’. It does come with only nettle or only quercetin, but for myself I have found this to be the best:

Nettle Quercetin
Wild Harvest Nettle Quercetin

What About All The Others Supplements?

There are so many more supplements that all do various things, and frankly, you will do best by talking to someone who knows what they are talking about, figuring it out on yourself would be very difficult. For example,

  • Vitamin D can be helpful for ‘flares’.Take maybe 25,000 for a flare, and 10,00 max on a regular basis. Vitamin D doesn’t go through you everyday like other supplements, it stays in you.
  • DIM and Primrose for hormonal imbalances (hormonal imbalances occur because your liver has been injured or overloaded by the mold and chemical toxins… therefore it can’t do its other job: hormone regulation, as well.).
  • There is also Berberine that attacks candida
  • Or Silver that is a ‘natural antibiotic’
  • Plus probiotics, which are always good.
  • NAC and Alphic Lipoic Acid are good fro multiple things, joints among them. Well, those in particular are really good. 🙂

In conclusion, then, this article may have simply confused you only more! Well, if it did, comment a specific question, and I will try my best to clarify myself. Your best bet would really be to just talk to someone in the area who knows about mold, MCS, and Lyme, and who also knows your unique situation.

Oh! One More Piece of Advice!

Using a pillbox is a huge lifesaver. You may have to buy an extra large one, or Summplement Pill Boxseveral, but there are so many benefits. You won’t forget to take them as easily, you won’t have to remember if you have taken a certain one or not, and you can save your brain a bit of juice by taking that extra mental drainer away! They’re not that expensive… be sure to get one!








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