Masks are require a very specific formula to wear. And I will address masks, their uses, and how to wear them, but here I want to make it a bit fun! If you ladies have to wear your hair in a bun anyway for the mask, why not make them fun? Why not make it a bit more joyful? You can still be pretty even if you have to wear a Darth Vader mask! Anyway, here are two beautiful buns that work well with masks.

Messy Bun

I know that the title ‘messy’ makes it seem not so desirable, but it sure can be! Next time you are in public, count how many girls you see wearing messy buns. Another plus is that messy buns tend not to get messed up by mask Velcro. It only makes the messy bun better! It is also easy and fast to do, one of the more relatively un-painful ones to do to yourself even with joint pain.

Mask hairslyles   Mask hairslyles    Mask hairslyles

Put your hair in a high ponytail. Then wrap your ponytail all up in a pile and secure it with a hair tie. Simple, but fast and effective. 🙂

Loop Bun

This one is a bit fancier, even then it looks into the picture below. I was dealing with joint pain when making these instructions for you. 🙂 Even so, it is also very easy to do, again, with as minimal joint pain as possible.

Mask hairslyles    Mask hairslyles    Mask hairslyles    Mask hairslyles

Again, put your hair in a high ponytail. Split it in two, make two loops (see second picture), and put a small clear plastic rubber band on it. It should look like the third picture now. Continue to use the remaining hair tails to make more loops and secure them until you have run out of hair. Use a bobby pin to pic the remaining wisps out of the way.

Two More bits of Fancification:

Masks tend to dominate faces, don’t they? 😉 And there isn’t much we can do about that, masks are certainly what people most notice. However, I have a few more hair tips!

Braids into Buns

Again, this is simple, but it not only is pretty, it also makes your head seem less ‘flat’, and the mask less dominating.  And again, it can survive the mask- something most hairstyles can’t do. 😀 I must warn you however, that both this one and the next one are pretty joint-demanding, and may be difficult if you have joint pain to do to yourself.

dsc_0007    dsc_0009

Take a section of hair from near the top of your head, and braid it. Make sure to pancake it (picture two), and then gather your hair for your bun of choice!

Twists into Buns

dsc_0002    dsc_0005

dsc_0004    dsc_0006

Gather a section of hair from the front of your head, split it in two, and twist it. After every time you twist, add more hair to each section, working to your ear. Ta-da! Now you can again add it to your bun of choice. 🙂




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