Usually people find out that they have Lyme disease before they realize that toxic black mold is a problem. Often, people treat Lyme for years but they are not aware of the issue of mold that often accompanies it. And while they are on the Lyme treatments, they do start to feel better. When they stop the treatments, however, the Lyme returns in full force since they have not eradicated  one of the huge underlining causes.

Mold and Lyme often come hand in hand, and here is why. Those with Lyme often have it in them long before they show any symptoms. And it may lie dormant in them, for years, or always, even. Now, mold is not the only trigger or reason, but when someone with Lyme gets exposed for long periods of time to Toxic Mold, it weakens their body’s former ability to handle the Lyme. The Lyme and the mold then both begin to cause symptoms and make the person sick. Then, the person is falsely diagnosed, or they are not diagnosed at all. If they are lucky, they are diagnosed with Lyme, which is more well-known than mold and begin to be treated for it. However, that person who has both Lyme and mold, but doesn’t know it, won’t get better, because they haven’t gotten rid of the thing that caused the Lyme to rear its head in the first place!

Now, my family actually did is backwards. We found out about mold before the Lyme.  I am not sure which way is better, except that I am glad we are aware of both!

How does someone get Lyme?

Well, the obvious answer is ‘ticks’… and while people do, indeed, get Lyme from ticks (which are WAY more common than most people think) that is not the only way. Do you remember that Lyme can lay ‘dormant’ for years before developing visible symptoms? Well, say someone got or has Lyme, but never show symptoms? However, after that person dies, their grandchild suddenly comes down with it, even though they have never been exposed to a tick, mosquito, or another Lyme-transferring bug? Yes, Lyme can be passed from parents to child, and con continue further than that. From Adam and Eve until now, do you think that someone in your line at one point was exposed to Lyme through a tick? I would say yes. Another issue, is that Lyme tests are not always reliable as accurate.

Now, just because of that, it doesn’t mean that you will have to fight Lyme symptoms. Like I said, most of the time people have no idea they have it! A good chunk of people, however, who have mold, have Lyme, and vice versa because of what I explained earlier.

More info:

Lyme VS Mold

When someone has a combination of Lyme/mold, they don’t usually show symptoms of both equally. Usually, a person leans toward one more than the other. And it can be hard to tell which one  at first that a person is more prone to, since the symptoms are so similar.For example, joint Lyme symptoms tend to be more the larger joints, like hips and knees, while the mold joint symptoms tend to be smaller joints, like hands. But it is really hard to know, because even though most people with a combination of mold and Lyme tend to lean towards one or the other, they still have both in them! It also varies depending on the person! It can be confusing and complicated. 🙂

I hope that this article was helpful and clarifying, it took me a long time to learn all those different things that are compiled here. I know that there is a lot of different theories and opinions on this topic, and if you have found a different thing to be true, please feel free to comment kindly. I have just compiled what I have learned from my various medical contacts, from researching, and my own experiences.


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