Today I am going to introduce my sister Nina, and let her share her side of the story!

Hi! My sister had been sick for over a year now and I’m a “guest writer” at the moment. I think one of the best things you can say to someone who has a chronic illness, is “I believe you.” Especially after it’s been so long. Over a year is a very long time, and Mold/Lyme is not a very common sickness to have. Often the case is that you can’t really do much on a day to day basis to get rid of Lyme and Mold, unless you haven’t moved away from the source yet. But it’s painful to have those problems. It literally hurts.

Studio C captain literally

Often my sister has trouble doing her own hair everyday, writing, cooking, and we usually do her share of chores for her. She has to eat special food, and usually her everyday breakfast is canned salmon and spinach, cooked. Especially when she has the joint problems we have to do the cooking for her. It gets frustrating sometimes, having an extra share of chores everyday, and another meal to cook…. But you have to have patience. This is especially for the siblings. Your parents are often busy with work, and A LOT of other super important things. You’re probably not doing anything…. So is it that hard to just help? Anything will make your sibling happy. Try finding a really fancy hair-do to do on your sister, or making her everyday food taste a little better by cooking or adding more seasoning! It will only take a minute! Maybe you are busy, that makes it even more touching when somebody has Lyme/Mold and you stop in for a visit. It makes the whole disease much better, if you believe them, and do all you can to make them comfortable, and do extra things for them. Let them know you love them, through doing things for them.



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