Okay, I know that my topics are usually a little broader than simply ‘bone broth’, but bone broth has made such an impact on both my gut and my family’s Olfactory system that I just had to address it. 😉

Homemade Bone Broth VS Store Bought Bone Broth

The two biggest differences between the homemade bone broth and store-bought bone broth is the taste and smell.

Making homemade bone broth has a strong smell. No matter how or where you do it. We usually made it in a crock-pot in the garage, so that we could share the wonderful smell with all the neighbors. (That was sarcastic.). No, really, actually we had a repair man at our house at one  point and he was in the driveway and he asked us if we were making bone broth. He said he wife made the same thing, and he recognized the -er– aroma. Okay, I’m sure you get the picture.

As for the taste- on the whole I have found store-bought bone broth to taste best. Now, granted, it doesn’t have much flavor at all, but it is sure better than some homemade bone broths could be. However, I have had bone broth that has been delicious. Very delicious. Mr. Dan, I thank you. Mr. Dan took the time to make me such delicious bone broth, just don’t ask how he makes it! One, I couldn’t tell you, and two, you might find it slightly less appealing (hint: it has to do with chicken feet).

Okay, now I am rambling.

For all my complaining and my family’s complaining about the bone broth, it really did huge things to help my gut. I found that the trick was to have it for a few days and then take a week or longer off from it. It really helped my gut.

I must warn you, though, if your gut does particularly bad with fatty foods, it may struggle with broth… but even so, I think it is worth it. Try chicken bone broth instead of beef bone broth.

You can have bone broth, just by drinking it by the cup, or you can turn it into a soup and mix in some parsnips and herbs (or any other vegetables you can eat). 🙂

To sum up then: I generally prefer store-bought bone broth, however I am not sure the cost difference between that and making your own. When we lived in Washington we had access to lots of  bones from cows, as we had friends who had lots of cows and we would buy whole halves of cows at a time. Also, I highly suggest bone broth, it has helped my gut tremendously.

If you want to make bone broth look for my next post.

If you want to buy bone broth try this brand:

Bone broth
Bonafide Provisions Organic Bone Broth (free range chicken)



2 thoughts on “Bone Broth

  1. And just a note, if I may…I’d suggest steering clear of GMO-fed animal’s bones. My family did the GAPS diet (heavy on bone broth) and did not use GMO-free bones. It’s my own personal opinion that the excess GMO in our diets compromised our immune systems and allowed the Lyme/Mold/etc. to take over. Once we quit GMO’s we all started getting better.

    (Don’t ask me the science behind the above comment. I’m forgetting the logic behind it at the moment. 😀 )

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