Hello! Nina here! I’m Sara’s younger sister, and I’ve written for R535 before. I haven’t actually told her I’m writing this, but we’ll see if she approves :). So, I was recently listening to songs I used to like, and ‘Never Gone’ by Colton Dixon came on. To me it’s a very meaningful song, because it was my favorite song (If I have to choose) a while ago during our first two moves, from WA to MT, and then from MT to AZ. Some of the lyrics are:

We break when we fall too hard

Lose faith when we’re torn apart

Don’t say you’re too far gone

It’s a shame

It’s a shame

I’m still standing here

No I didn’t disappear

Now the lights are on

See I was never gone

I let go of your hand

To help you understand

With you all along

Oh, I was never gone
I never really thought about it the same way until now. If you think about the lyrics “I let go of your hand, to help you understand. With you all along, oh I was never gone!” It reminds me of how God wants us to trust Him. We only really put full trust in Him when we’re struggling, and distressed, but God wants us to trust Him always, and do what He says always, no matter what the situation is. When we were moving back and forth across the country, it was stressful! Our whole family was scared, we were used to having a safe home that we were happy with, and now we didn’t know where we’d end up next.  But we trusted God even when it felt insane, and now we’re safe, mostly healthy, and living in a non-moldy house!


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