A few days ago, I introduced you to something called the Rebelution. If you haven’t read that article yet, or don’t know what the Rebelution is, go read it real fast before finishing this post.

Did you read it? Good. 🙂

So, in that last post, I told you that the Rebelution was started by two twin brothers, right? And that the class I took, Do Hard Things University was taught by one of the brothers, Brett Harris.

Brett’s wife Ana, used to be a dancer, but a few months after they got married, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. You know how that is. Over four years later, she is still very sick, and recently they discovered that the walls of their home are filled with mold due to a leak. You also know how that is. Having had to get rid of all of their possessions, they are now searching for a safe home, Brett is trying to take care of Ana, and they are trying to get in with a mold doctor. You know how hard all of that is, I know!

So please join me in praying for them! Brett’s brother, Alex, is organizing a fund-raiser for them. Go here to learn more about it, about their story, and how you can help. Please click here!



5 thoughts on “Needed: Help!

    1. Yes He is! The bit and pieces I have heard about it from them over the time I’ve known about Ana’s illness, have been so encouraging, because of the faith that I see in it. Actually, if you head over to ‘My Favorite Things’, there is a link to a really good sermon that I highly suggest Brett did about trusting God in suffering.

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