Multiple people have asked me recently what would be required for them to do to be able to visit me and not make me sick. First off, thank you for asking! However, brace yourself… these are going to be some intense requirements. And I know that they will sound strange to you, but it’s what life is right now, and it’s unavoidable. Also, keep in mind that these are the restrictions for everyone, it’s not just you. It’s nothing personal! 😉

The two main things that will be issues are this: 

  1. Mold
  2. Chemicals

Now, some of those things, like chemicals, we with sensitivities will be able to handle in small amounts. Or with things like mold, we may be able to handle in short periods if we meet you outdoors. Therefore, I have separated the rest of this post into two: how to visit me for the day, i.e. for lunch; and two, how to visit me in my house, i.e. staying with me.


How to visit me for a day without making me sick:

  • Meet me at an outdoors location, or be willing to work with me on where I can meet you. Indoors can be hard if people there wear lots of chemicals, air fresheners are used, or if the place is moldy. Chemicals also tend to be more potent in closed in areas.
  • Don’t wear hairspray, perfume, cologne, lotion, or sunscreen that day.
  • Don’t hug me. (This one is really sad, but if you wear any chemicals, even deodorant and shampoo, they can make me sick. Or even your laundry can be a big issue. Again, it’s nothing personal 😦 )


How to visit me in my house:

This one is sadly more complicated than a bulletpoint list. So bear with me!

What not to bring at all:

  • Any hair products
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Toothpaste
  • Etc. If there are chemicals at all don’t bring itOr at least ask permission, and be willing to accept ‘no’ as an answer.

Just use the things that I have at my house, that are tested and approved  as ‘safe’.

We don’t want to make this so complicated, but it’s what we’re forced to live like right now.

Also, unless your house has been pre-approved from having any hint of mold by the person you’re visiting, none of your clothes, papers, or anything not made out of metal or glass can come. And even the glass and metal items may have to be cleaned before coming in the house. In fact, it is best that you don’t even bring them from your house to use outdoors, or keep in your car.

You will have to also take a shower first thing upon arriving at my house, and you may have to take a detox bath. I may even ask you to take detox baths and stop using chemical products at your own home for the week before you come.

Be aware that it may be best if you stay at a hotel, or somewhere, rather than with me in my house. It depends on the situation.

There you are: the basics. As I told a friend when she asked what would she would need to do to be able to visit me: “Have I scared you away yet?”. 

If your answer is no, like that friend’s was, then congratulations. You are a rare person. 🙂 I look forward to seeing you in person.



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