The day when this picture officially became ‘Sara’s Iconic Picture’ was one I remember well. Want to know what the picture was? Okay, here it is:

dory, brain fog

I laughed. A lot. 😀 I mean, who doesn’t want this to be their picture?! (Thanks, ‘B’. And ‘N’, and ‘E’.) A few months later, my sister, Nina, got me a shirt that has a picture of Dory, that says, “I wish I could remember.” Yesiree, I think that I have officially qualify for both of these:

This is otherwise known as the "brain fog" award!That would be me.

The sad thing is, you know what I mean. You qualify to share the Dory Award with me. You know what I have slowly taught my friends; that a Dory Day means:

  • That I may not remember your name. Or mine, for that matter.
  • That I will spend a lot of the day asking if I have already said what I am saying.
  • That my thoughts and words will be seriously confusing, and scattered.
  • That they will be slow.
  • That I will not remember what I ate for breakfast, or what I am wearing, or that I was supposed to do one simple thing.
  • I may take two paragraphs to describe a fork, because I can’t remember what it is called.

Sometimes this can be immensely funny to me, or it be immensely frustrating. It can be really funny to know what is going on in my mind… the thing is, I can’t explain it verbally.. if  I try, by the time I get to the end of it, everyone just stares at me confused. Which is then hilarious to me. Which they don’t understand. You see, I think part of the issue it that the thoughts I am trying to describe to them weren’t complete thoughts in the first place…

But enough of that! What I describe as ‘Dory Days’ is otherwise known as Brain Fog, or Fibro Fog.

It is like a cloud is in my brain, impenetrable… and yet tiny pieces of thoughts do make it through that just confuse me and those around me further.

And you know what? That’s okay. Yes, it can be frustrating. And embarrassing. One thing that I struggle with, was meeting new people. I didn’t mind as much if the people who knew me before mold are there with me in brain fog. They knew that I wasn’t always like this. But new people? What would they think? They won’t ever really understand. But they can learn to love you just the way you are. I know, that sounds cliché, and like not much of a solution, but that’s kinda where we are.

I have something more promising, though: it can end. I struggled with this for a while. But then, for a short day or two, suddenly my brain was back to normal. It was back to normal!!! It went back to the state of constant battle and struggle, but it gave me hope: there is hope that it won’t be like this forever.

Is there anything you can do to help?

Well, taking the steps of healing are obviously important. Immunotherapy in the forms of LDI and LDA have helped my brain a lot. As well as getting out of the mold in our house, of course. I wish though, that I had more of an answer, a quick fix, supplement you could take to bring quick, immediate relief. But I have yet to find that. For gut pain, you can take enzymes, for joint pain, you can take NAC, or use essential oils… but not for brain fog. 😦 There are a few different kinds of things you can do for other types of brain struggles, I have realized, but for Dory days and brain fog? Please let us know if you have any trips or tricks for that! The best I can give you is to be patient, and merciful with yourself. Remember that even when you are struggling the most, when you can’t get a coherent thought out, and it feels more like a stick bug (LOTR reference), God can still be glorified, you are not hopeless! I mean, look at what God has done with me! I cannot think. I battle brain fog every day, and yet He still has me writing this blog!

Another thing, is to recognize what is particularly hard for you with brain fog… for me, one thing that is particularly hard while in brain fog is math, among many other things. Maybe take a break, or let yourself only do those things in small quantities.

Also, tell your family, and those around you, when you are having a hard day. Let them know, they can help you, and it helps them be merciful on you as well, and not get frustrated, when they understand what is going on, and when you warn them humbling ahead of time. (Wise words from my mom!)

Alright, that’s it for now. Keep your eyes peeled as we tackle the other kinds of mental battles that come with this in the next few posts!

Notes: The memes/picture, were not mine, I found them on Pinterest. The video below is a comedy skit my Studio C, on YouTube… enjoy! 😀



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