Poetry and I haven’t spent much time together. We get along okay, but generally as acquaintances, rather than the ‘friends’ that most other writing and I are. I enjoy reading other people’s poetry but haven’t ever done much myself. One night, though, my brain fog was particularly bad. The kind where you feel like your brain is unraveling. You know what I mean? And in that state, I wrote a poem. If that is what it can be called. I hope you enjoy!

A note to any poetry lovers: In light of the previous paragraph, excuse any poetry mistakes I may make. πŸ˜‰


My thoughts

are merely


not much

more than


Dreams and

hopes and



through the


Certainly not


coming along

in a

very odd


Struggling to


amidst a





6 thoughts on “Wisps – A Brain Fog Poem

  1. Sara, we think you are a family blessing. (Not a problem) Through your illness, your family has had to struggle to draw near to God, as well as you. They have had to ask the hard questions also. What better gift could you give them? Even though you didn’t mean to give it to them.
    Your friend and neighbor, Debbie

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