Hello readers. How are you all? Well, I hope. This may not be exactly like the rest of the articles usually on here, but I hope it is still helpful. (Sometimes it’s just nice to see someone else put our feelings into thoughts, right?)

Alright here is it: so, sometimes I feel so guilty about being able to keep up with writing for two blogs and a magazine, but not be able to answer emails, or have conversations with friends. Have you felt the same way, be it a blog post, or something else? Or maybe it’s just certain people that it’s hard to respond to? Maybe it’s harder to respond to people you don’t know well, because you can’t think as clearly? Or maybe it’s harder to respond to the people who know you well, since you can’t hide things from them?

First off, don’t feel guilty. When you are able, try to explain to the best of your ability what’s going on, and ask for them to understand, or to be merciful. 🙂 Often, when I don’t respond to people for long amounts of time, they talk to each other and realize what’s going on, and I receive emails that say something along the lines of ‘I hope you’re feeling okay, I’m praying for you! Don’t worry about responding if you’re not feeling well.’. Which is an incredible blessing.

But back to the question: why can I write a blog post, but not respond to an email, or even the person sitting beside me?

Why I can write a aritlce but not an email

One reason, is that blog posts aren’t personal. When I write a blog post, I write it to a wide audience, not just one person. That wide audience doesn’t respond to me personally, and it doesn’t expect a conversation from me. A blog post isn’t a person, it’s something you can read if you want to or leave if you don’t like.

Another reason is that I often sort out my thoughts through writing. And it’s easier to do that then, than when say, I’m speaking. It gives me a chance to figure things out before clicking ‘publish’, or before anyone reacts to what I say.

Another reason you may be seeing blog posts and not emails at any given time, is because WordPress has this wonderful option to ‘pre-publish’ articles. Then, once I’ve assigned them a specific time and date, it automatically gets published without me doing anything. It’s often something I use in able to keep my posts on here regular even with my fluctuating health. Often I will write several articles all at once when I’m feeling well, and then they are all ready to use when I’m not feeling well later.

At other times, I can lose myself in fictional writing. Which to many would look like it took a lot of brain power, and why couldn’t I use the same brain power to interact with people? Well, sometimes I just need to escape, and my fictional characters aren’t like anything else… they do exactly what I want them to.

So there you are! That’s why I can write an article, but not an email. 😉 I want to apologize to all those whom it affects, and who have to wait for emails, messages, etc.. It isn’t because I’ve forgotten you, or anything of the kind! 🙂 *hugs*


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