Think that you have MCS, or toxic Black Mold poisoning?

Yup, this can be, well is, extremely overwhelming. All of it is stuff that you need to know, though if you do or think yo might have MCS or Toxic Black Mold poisoning! I hope to give you a place to start here, to simplify things a bit.

  1. First, you need to determine if you do infact have Toxic Black Mold Poisoning. (MCS and Lyme too, but most people find those things out before discovering the root: mold). Therefore, gather the household together and look over this list of mold/MCS/Lyme symptoms. I was the only one that my family thought was sick, but as we read about other mold symptoms we discovered that other members of the family were also showing symptoms, we just hadn’t realized it yet.
  2. Okay, so now that you’ve determined that you have mold issue there are a few steps to take. First, determine where they place is that you are regularly exposed to that has mold. It could be in your house, at school, work, or another place you regularly spend lots of time. Mold can hide very well, once we knew that mold was the problem, we found multiple places it was in the house: in the attic, under the stairs, growing through the walls in some places by the end. For my family it was easy to find, since we already knew it was there, and because we spent all our time at home. My siblings and I were home-schooled, and my dad worked from home. The issue? Home.
  3. Have you determined the place? Well, here comes the bad news: you won’t get better -only worse- until you get OUT of that place. Mold is almost impossible to get rid of without serious renovations… and even then it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Mold spreads through spores that cannot be seen. And even dead spores penetrate couches, shoes, papers, bags, wood furniture, etc. and cause the same harm as when they are alive. Once there, it is impossible to remove, all it will do it continue to make you sick. Mold is a serious thing. It can ultimately cause death unexpectedly through blood clotting. My family moved completely, and took only those things from our house that were glass or metal.
  4. Meanwhile, start helping your body detox and get rid of the poisons in it. I’ll explain is in more detail on the blog, look for it, but here’s a brief summary of where to start.