IMPORTANT: It’s Switch-Over Day! – Launching New Website – Giveaway

Dear Loyal Readers,

This week is R535’s two-year blogiversary, and with it, three things are happening. First, and most importantly, I’m officially switching over from using this free wordpress blog to a self-hosted website. Which means I will no longer be posting on or updating this website.

But I don’t want to lose touch with any of you! You all have been with me on this writing journey since before I even knew that He’s Making Diamonds might be a possibility. Or even a dream.

I’ve already switched all of you who were subscribed to this blog to my website, so you should just start getting the usual emails from there instead without any hassle. HOWEVER, I want to be extra careful, so don’t forget to go over to the website and click subscribe on the right hand side here, just to be sure. 🙂

😀 There’s also some guest posts and a giveaway of Holley Gerth’s book Fiercehearted over there to celebrate.


See you over there!

Thank for being such awesome readers the past two years. I wouldn’t be the author I am without you.

Your sister in Christ,


S. G. Willoughby

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