Most things in the AIP diet take a lot of work to make, and eat, and it is always a big to-do to eat anything. Which isn’t always fun, what with lack of spoons (energy), time, etc. I mean, there’s definitely no easy, pre-packaged foods in the Autoimmune Protocol, like granola bars, or yogurt cups. Let alone crackers or chips.

However, I have, after much experience over the past year and a half, discovered three tasty snacks that are… guess what?… drumroll… easy!AIP

1. Coconut Flakescoconut flakes easy AIP snacks

These and yummy (and, of course, easy 😉 ) snacks, that you can dump right out of the bag into a little bowl and eat. I just eat them plain, and raw, but another tasty was to eat them is to toast some in the oven. You can even sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Sadly, I cannot use an oven yet due to MCS, hence the eating them raw. 🙂 If that’s the case for you, don’t worry! They are still great raw!

2. “Kim”

kim easy AIP snackOkay, maybe you know this one by a different name: seaweed snacks. Still don’t know it? Okay, well they are delicious! The reason I call it “Kim”, is because that’s the name I first knew them by when we discovered them when we lived in South Korea. Mmmm! Kimbob, kim and rice, kim in soup… :) Anyway, they are basically dried seaweed with salt. Very good for you, too. I would suggest the specific brand below, because it is made with olive oil rather than a seed oil, which is not strictly AIP. Note that they do come in other flavors, but I would recommend starting with just plain ‘original’. 😉 I have tried the lime-flavored kind, though, which isn’t too bad.

AIP seasnax easy snack
SeaSnax Original

3. Chocolate Bananas

This one is simple but sooooo good! It could even be a dessert! chocolate banana AIP snackEspecially to someone with the changed tastebuds that come with being on the AIP diet for a long time. All it is, is a banana with cocoa powder sprinkled on top. You see, I used to love banana with peanut butter spread on it, and then chocolate syrup, but since I can’t have that anymore (the chocolate syrup actually sounds sickeningly sweet to think about), I discovered that this can almost seem the same (to my changed tastebuds of course 😉 ). The banana is sweet enough for the plain cocoa powder not to seem to bitter.



Anyway, enjoy! What are some of your favorite snacks that fit the AIP diet?


2 thoughts on “3 of My Favorite Easy AIP Snacks

  1. Yum…to all. We eat that same brand of coconut chips, by the way. 😉

    I’m steering clear of seaweed right now for reasons that I cannot remember at the moment (I will probably remember that at some random point during church tomorrow…something to do with glutamine [sp?] )

    Yes, I agree–even not being on AIP, but mainly GAPS-ish (not as strict as we used to be), snacks can be hard. Of course, I’ve been wheat free since I was 12, so crackers and such have been off my snack list for over half my life now anyway…I prefer protein to sweet anyway, so stuff like fruit is my secondary choice. (Left overs, anyone? :D)

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    1. Yes, thankfully my family had already been sugar and grain free before any of this, which helped a lot. 😉 It’s still a puzzle, though! Hmm, I should look into that, since I recently started taking glutamine again.I did a test recently, though, and it said that my iodine is low, I think, which the seaweed helps with. 😉


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