Note: My post might make more sense if you skip to the bottom and read the actual Spoon Theory first. Just forgive my brain fog today. 😉 

What is the Spoon Theory?

Well, I put the question to some friends, wondering what they would guess the Spoon Theory was. They came up with some pretty creative responses…

“Something scientificy that I have no knowledge about.”

“Is the spoon theory a theory about eating too much? Lol”


Thanks, guys, interesting thoughts! But not quite it…It’s both simpler and more complicated. 🙂

Alright, so let’s get serious. What is the Spoon Theory? I’m not sure I can put it much better than the original creator of the Spoon Theory, so I’m going to send you to her. I can give you some hints, though.

It has to do with energy. The more spoons you have, the more energy you have, and the less spoons, the less energy.

Some people will say, once they are out of energy that, “All their spoons must be in the dishwasher.”

I’ve also seen a necklace, with a tiny spoon in a tiny glass vial, and it says: “In case of emergency, break glass.” I thought it was pretty clever. 😉

spoon theory

For me, though, I find that while the Spoon Theory goes very well with the idea of energy, for me it is so much more than energy. For me, I wake up with a certain number of spoons of more than just energy. Emotionally, mentally, and otherwise the Spoon Theory still applies to me. I can wake up and be able to process a certain amount of chemical exposure until I completely lose my hold over it. For me, I can handle a certain amount of stress, tension, and pressure mentally, but once my spoons are out, little things can push me over the edge.

My mom said the other day that I need a belt with velcro spoons. That way I can take them off throughout the day as I lose them, and my family would know how I was without having to guess. Sometimes I can seem fine, but inside I’m struggling, or I can seem not fine, but for once I’m actually in bed only because it’s comfortable, not because I actually am doing badly. Maybe making a ‘spoon chart’ wouldn’t be a bad idea! Lol.

Either way, Spoons are a great way to explain what it’s like to have a chronic illness to those around you, and remember, Spoons can refer to more than just energy. 😉

Had enough of my rambling for the moment? 🙂 Here’s the link to what the Spoon Theory actually is: link. Enjoy!



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